Financial management

In general, it may be stated that if accounting provides a picture of the past and the present, then financial management provides a glimpse into the future. It is also known that in real life the obligations of a financial manager differ significantly from business to business. Typically falling within the purview of a financial manager is accounting, and it is quite typical for the IT department to also fall within the purview of the financial manager. We have divided the offered service into three parts.

Financial management as a standard service

Performing the function of the financial manager and/or head Accountant

Performing the credit check function

As a general rule, this activity is added to the accounting service. Customarily dealt with is the monitoring of the on-time receipt of the Client’s sales invoices, preparation of reports for the management board, the sending of reminders and, if necessary, also the preparation and submission of invoices for fines for delay.

Also grouped under this service is the submission of claims and other written communication in the name of the Client, as well as the preparation of a petition for expedited procedure of payment order. (link

Project based financial management

  • Preparation of business and financial plans
  • Financial consulting
  • Financial analyses of the current financial activities of the companies
  • Preparation of company reorganisation plans
  • Analysis and feasibility studies of future company investments
  • Previously performed analyses of business plans