Establishment and start-up of undertakings

Today, the establishment of a standard undertaking is simple, with the fastest possibility being to establish a company through the Äriregistri ettevõtjaportaal. Shareholders and management board members must have an ID card.

To those that lack the requisite experience, we offer consulting during the establishment of an undertaking along with the opportunity to immediately submit the constituting act and, if possible, to pay the applicable state fees.

Together with establishment we can immediately provide information and, if necessary, prepare a plan of action in regards to the necessary actions to be taken at the Tax and Customs Board, the bank and with other cooperation partners. For our part we also make an offer for resolving the organisation of accounting together with an initial analysis to find suitable financial software for the company.

We recommend that a starting company also read the heading for Starting an Undertaking, where there is a great deal of useful information listed.

If participants wish to create a company with a more complex structure or with other special conditions (for example, non-monetary contribution), then we initially assess the possibility of creating an undertaking electronically, if this is not possible, we make proposals regarding the establishment of an undertaking.

In general, it may be said that the establishment of an undertaking is necessary for implementing a business plan. In regards to further opportunities and obligations, we have added references to the other subsections of the page, which we recommend that you read:


Support projects and start-up grants

Business plans