About RevalHansa

Our company was founded in 2000, but the working group organising the company’s work has been operating in the area of accounting and finance since 1994.

At present, we offer standard accounting, finance and business consultancy services to a wide circle of Clients.  Among our clientele, there are retailers, companies dealing with real estate, as well as companies offering services, and manufacturing enterprises. Some Clients are based on Estonian capital, while others are the subsidiaries of foreign companies. Service is provided to various types of businesses – public limited companies, private limited companies and also non-profit organisations and self-employed persons.

In parallel to our regularly offered services we also deal with project based works, which are, first and foremost, work related to business and financial plans and applying for various support projects and participation in their later implementation.

With best regards,

Rain Ignatjev
Managing Director of RevalHansa