Clients comments about us

  • Martin Pärn/Iseasi/KNOK Design. Accounting based cooperation since 2000. Reliable team, which helps us to focus on our main activity. I recommend.
  • Hendrik Kiige/Select Nor/Bluegate. Co-operation with RevalHansa has taken place through a number of different companies since 2004. The beginning of Select NOR accounting and financial planning co-operation in 2009 may be considered significant.
  • Kalle Lehtonen/Fennobed. My company has been a Client of RevalHansa since 2007, when the company was founded. I am satisfied with my company’s developments with them. RevalHansa has been of assistance in organising accounting, as well as successfully applying for a Development Grant from Enterprise Estonia.
  • Jouni Ihme/Innokas Medical OY. Co-operation began at the end of 2009, when with the assistance of RevalHansa a subsidiary was established, the company’s accounting was organised and a successful Enterprise Estonia support project was carried out.
  • Sven Paulson/G-U BKS Estonia. Co-operation began in 2010, when the company’s accountant took an extended holiday. RevalHansa offered a fast and effective solution by providing an outsourced service.